Monday, March 9, 2009

Preschool Lesson Plans: Spring!!

Today begins our adventure into spring. As I said before we began with plants/gardening. Above is a picture of Monkey Girl singing the "Days of the Week" song.
We covered the letter F(for flower). She colored a page for that. She did "write" in her journal.
We also read the book, "Growing Vegetable Soup"We then went outside to see what we need to do to prep the garden. As you can see, We have a bunch to do!

We also picked dandelions and shamrocks and made plant art. We put the picked plants on white paper and used the hammer to smash them to make imprints. It's the process not product.

As you can see, Monkey was very proud of her work!What did we learn from today's fun?
  • We developed a further relationship with the world around us. It is such a big concept but so important.
  • We worked on pre-reading and pre-writing. Learning to read and write begins here. You must learn to recognise the letters and the sounds they make before anything.
  • We learned patience. She sat and listened to the story while anxiously waiting to go outside!!
  • We learned about photosynthesis. How leaves use the sun to make food for the plants, and when we smashed the shamrocks we saw the green evidence of that.
  • We developed our sense of accomplishment. Just see the last picture. She is so proud. Developing that sense of self is what preschool is for any way.

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