Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Preschool Lesson Plans: Flowers!

Today we talked about flowers, but first, we did a cooking activity.

We put butter on tortillas and sprinkled with cinnamon. I put it in the oven and out came a yummy snack, but we had it for breakfast:). Monk enjoyed eating her creation!
On to flowers! We made flowers out of coffee filters. First we colored them with markers. We then to a spray bottle with water in it and sprayed them. This blends the colors for a watercolor effect.

Here came the hard part- WAITING!!! We had to let the coffee filters dry. So while we waited, we talked about the parts of a plant. We looked at a picture out of our Berry Best Gardening Book. It showed the parts of a plant-the flower, the bud, the stem, the leaves, and the roots. We talked about the different parts and their jobs.

And finally, The filters were dry. Yipppieee! We first folded the filter in half then into quarters and so on until it is a small triangle. We attached the pipe cleaner stems to the the small point and wrapped it around. When it was secure we fluffed the flower out. And you have a flower!


Bethany said...

Hello! My sister and I have just recently started an early childhood blog. I found yours through google and featured this fun idea on ours! Thanks for sharing.

Kimberley said...

Thank you for linking to me!