Thursday, January 29, 2009

Preschool Lesson Plans: Febuary theme ideas you don't think about.

There are many ideas that have nothing to do with Valentine's Day for February. Here is a quick list of some that come to mind.

  • Bakery unit. I have made a bakery in my class with paper chef hats in the home living center with different doughs they can pretend to bake with. I made a cookie matching folder game. Of course this lends it self to cooking activities and I did a day when we had class on the patio with the kitchens outside. I gave them flour water spices etc. and let them "make" what ever they wanted. This is so messy but so much fun and educational.
  • Game Week. Have all kinds of board games, new games for the computer, and have a final game day with games outside or in a large area indoors if it is too cold.
  • Have a summer in February day. Have the kids come in summery cloths have indoor picnics, beach days and the like. everyone is tired of winter and ready for a bit of summer fun even if it is just pretend.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Preschool Lesson Plans: Great Deals on Teaching Books

I know I haven't posted in a long long while. Sorry, I have been a bit busy having a new baby, but promise to try to be better.

But my reason for this post is what I saw in a Education Supply store the other day- the discount table. Most places have these, usually in the back. But after Christmas they have great deals on idea books for fall and winter. You can stock up now for next year for next to nothing. A lot of times they will have the Mailbox series. I love those. And they usually have classroom management ideas you can use year round.

So go shopping and keep your eyes peeled for those teacher deals! We all need deals right now!