Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Reading in Preschool Lesson plans

Reading. Teaching your preschooler to read can be an intimidating task. You read this method and that method and "your baby can read", you start to hyperventilate because of all the varying information.
By the way I use "my baby can read" with the boy but not to read. That's another post though;)

The basics of reading are 2 things- sight reading and phonics. I've heard teachers say phonics only or they teach using sight reading. when I was in first grade they only taught sight words. Luckily I moved to a school system that used phonics later.

I use both. I use memorization of sight words and phonics. If you don't learn phonics, and you, as an adult, are standing in front of a board of directors reading a finance report. Oops! A word you don't know is in it. A phonics reader can figure it out.
So here are a couple things I'm using and have used to practice.
DICK and JANE are back!

A great way to breed confidence in a early reader! Easy and interesting to a beginning reader.
Also, here's a little something I made to help Emily practice her words using an unused photo book and index cards.

I think that's pretty obvious.
But here's something that teaches phonics. I've used it for years in my classes and used it with Emily, singing in the car.

Really fun and lays the foundation for being a strong reader. It's sold by discovery toys and well worth the $13 I paid.
Happy reading!
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Saturday, May 28, 2011

The tea party preschool lesson plan

Here's this week's lesson plan. I know its very simple but my girl has been going to school all year in pre-K, and will be in kindy in the fall. a break is needed, but she (and I) need structure. She is a lot older than the other kids, and more advanced. I worry that she won't be challenged. BUT I love she is so ahead of the game.

You also see a section for Harrison. Also simple. But these are the activities that he needs to develop in his way. It is just as much a lesson plan, and curriculum.
See you next week! Have a great holiday!

Tea Party Lesson Plan

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Butterfly life cycle

We have butterflies!!!! We ordered caterpillars a few weeks ago.
We have watched them go from caterpillars, to big caterpillars, to really BIG caterpillars! Then we watched them build their Cacoons.
Today when we got home we had butterflies!!
Emily didn't know what to be more excited about- the signed t shirt from one of the Tennessee Tornados or the butterflies!
We have discussed the life cycle of the butterfly, used the appropriate life cycles as vocabulary words, and read books about them. Her favorite is Charlie the caterpillar. We also have been working on reading, addition, and improving handwriting!
Next week is Fancy Nancy tea party manners! I'll post a lesson plan this weekend!

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Special Needs and lesson plans

As a teacher, I found it much easier to deal with special needs than as a mom. I always made it my priority that the most difficult child became my favorite or special project.
Now, don't freak out. That doesn't mean I would do this to the exclusion of "normal" kids. I felt such a love for every child that those kids easily had their needs met. But those kids who yell, scream, hit, bite, kick, throw things etc would take a bit more effort.
I've had ADHD children, autistic, sensory dysfunctional, kids born on drugs, abused, neglected and unloved children. I even had a child with severe eczema all over his body including his hands. My heart literally broke to pieces when he turned down a cupcake because he knew he would have to wash his hands. I went into the cot storage room and cried myself. I was deeply affected by all the kids trusted in my care over the years.
But my ability to handle all of those kids and just grow the love and understanding I needed to fulfill their needs makes my situation so hard.
We have discipline issues. We have issues with eating.( he's losing weight).
He can't speak on demand to tell us what's bothering him, what he wants or needs.
That combined with the SPD, in which his brain doesn't function well in his world. He doesn't feel "right" in his own skin, and he can't communicate the discomfort. I'm so frustrated and praying for an answer.
I'm working with him. And his speech therapist and OT rock. But day in and out, I just don't have what I had as a teacher to give him.
I ADORE him, beyond measure. And worry about him too. I'll let you know about his progress and mine too!

Our summer beginnings in our preschool lesson plans

The beginning. We we do a garden every year, along with the plants in the yard. And we inherited a bunch of plants there.

My hubby uses the square foot method to organic gardening. It WORKS! We had tomatoes well into November last year.

But both kids love plants and gardening. We have already planted and have been tending it everyday.

We have also had visits from som e of our friends in nature. We discussed how they help us and our garden. We talk biology, ecology, and responsiblity. A awesome lesson!

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My absence

I've been MIA for the last year. There are reasons, of course. One being the special needs of my son, who has minor medical problems, and in the past year has been diagnosed with developmental apraxia, and sensory integration dysfunction. With the therapies for these and problems in his health, I just haven't had the time.
Also, Emily attended Pre-k at a local elementary school this year.
But I'm back! We are going to do some summer learning activities and therapies and activities for Harrison too.
So welcome back! I miss this little diary that I can exercise my teacher muscles on!