Friday, May 29, 2009

Preschool Lesson Plans: Zoo Fun! Next Week

Next week we will start Zoo Fun! Below you will find my tenative lesson plan. This summer I may have for fun, but Monkey does better with structure so we will keep up homeschooling. See you next week!!!Zoo Fun Lesson Plan Zoo Fun Lesson Plan PreschoolLessonPlans A lesson plan for preschool based on the zoo theme

Taking a Break from the Theme!

We thought we would just work on fundamentals and fun stuff today, So................
Today's Activities
  • We started with a cooking activity. We made cinnamon sugar biscuits. She smelled the cinnamon. This is one benefit to cooking. You use all the senses. The more senses you use to learn, more memorable it will be.
  • Then we worked on letter sounds. She knows the names, but the phonics she doesn't know as well.
We then used a kit to make a necklace (great for eye hand coordination.) I found these at a business closing. They were regularly 4.99 but were marked down to $1. I always look for deals like that for school time.As you can see, she is using those fingers to bead the string. It really helps develop those muscles that control fine motor skills like writing....
And the proud girl with her work-
  • Finally, we played around of Animal dominoes. Matching and one to one correspondence are very important skills. Besides just having an old fashioned good time!!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Preschool Lesson Plans: Bugs Cont.

Today's Activities-
  • First, we painted a paper plate to make a spider. That's our bug of the day. We learned that a spider has 8 legs and 2 major body parts- the abdomen and the head (I thought cephlothorax might have been over a 3 year old's level) LOL
  • We then did journal time- she decided to draw the bug of the day again-
  • We did an S coloring sheet with spiders. Here she is looking at the spider picture with her magnifying glass. (It has been raining a lot here, so not much outside time)
  • We also did Hooked On Phonics both in the book and on the computer-
  • And finally we made juice pops for desert.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Preschool Lesson Plans: Bugs!!!! Day 2

Today we continued our theme of bugs. Today the subject was ladybugs.

First, we made paper plate ladybug. She painted a paper plate with red paint. we let it dry a bit, then cut it in half and attached it to a black circle. We also glued on a head, eyes, and legs.

And then we made a book (we only did the first half, she lost interest. We will continue it tomorrow.) it is a lady bug count and graph book. I found it here.

We then worked on letter recognition with the foam letters.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Preschool Lesson Plans: Bugs!!!!

Kids either love bugs or hate them. My girl was afraid of them until we started gardening. We let her know how bugs can help her grow her plants and protect them from bad bugs.

So this week we are talking about different kinds of bugs. Today we started with ants. As you can see, I have some plastic bugs I got in a kit from Target for under $10. It includes the bugs, a bug jar, magnifier and tweezers.

First we did journal time. She liked the lady bug so she decided to draw one in her journal.
I may be biased, but I think she's pretty good for three years old.

we then talked about the parts of an ant- head thorax, and abdomen. I printed out a sheet to help get that concept across- I found it here. For art we made an ant hill. I cut it out, gave her a stamp pad, and a pencil eraser. We made a head, thorax, and abdomen with the pencil eraser. I helped by drawing legs and antenna. I read that idea from Perpetual Preschool.

We then did our hooked on phonics we went over G and H. She's been gone so long we have lost a lot of ground.
We finished by playing a bible matching game. Basically we went over important people from the bible. I am going to start introducing some religious concepts into our school time. It is my job to bring up our kids in the path of God.