Friday, May 29, 2009

Taking a Break from the Theme!

We thought we would just work on fundamentals and fun stuff today, So................
Today's Activities
  • We started with a cooking activity. We made cinnamon sugar biscuits. She smelled the cinnamon. This is one benefit to cooking. You use all the senses. The more senses you use to learn, more memorable it will be.
  • Then we worked on letter sounds. She knows the names, but the phonics she doesn't know as well.
We then used a kit to make a necklace (great for eye hand coordination.) I found these at a business closing. They were regularly 4.99 but were marked down to $1. I always look for deals like that for school time.As you can see, she is using those fingers to bead the string. It really helps develop those muscles that control fine motor skills like writing....
And the proud girl with her work-
  • Finally, we played around of Animal dominoes. Matching and one to one correspondence are very important skills. Besides just having an old fashioned good time!!!

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