Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Reading in Preschool Lesson plans

Reading. Teaching your preschooler to read can be an intimidating task. You read this method and that method and "your baby can read", you start to hyperventilate because of all the varying information.
By the way I use "my baby can read" with the boy but not to read. That's another post though;)

The basics of reading are 2 things- sight reading and phonics. I've heard teachers say phonics only or they teach using sight reading. when I was in first grade they only taught sight words. Luckily I moved to a school system that used phonics later.

I use both. I use memorization of sight words and phonics. If you don't learn phonics, and you, as an adult, are standing in front of a board of directors reading a finance report. Oops! A word you don't know is in it. A phonics reader can figure it out.
So here are a couple things I'm using and have used to practice.
DICK and JANE are back!

A great way to breed confidence in a early reader! Easy and interesting to a beginning reader.
Also, here's a little something I made to help Emily practice her words using an unused photo book and index cards.

I think that's pretty obvious.
But here's something that teaches phonics. I've used it for years in my classes and used it with Emily, singing in the car.

Really fun and lays the foundation for being a strong reader. It's sold by discovery toys and well worth the $13 I paid.
Happy reading!
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