Thursday, June 2, 2011

SPD and Preschool

Today is a big day for my lil man. He, at his regular speech appointment, is undergoing an evaluation for TN early intervention so that he can receive more intensive treatment (most likely in a school setting). Prayers are needed for my baby!

On to the main subject. SPD, sensory processing disorder, has a lot of little things to deal with, but the scariest lately is chewing.

SPD kids crave sensory stimulation including orally. Lately Harrison has been chewing on inappropriate things. I had to sweep his throat for bottle caps twice. In fear of what could happen, I called his OT. She reassured me this was a good thing. It means he is maturing developmentally. He's in that stage that 6-9 month olds chew on anything. Yes I know. He's 2 1/2 but it's progress. Intellectually he is further along. He knows colors, and if he could talk he could count.
But back to chewing. I went to Walmart and bought a big assortment of chew toys. This dinosaur is his favorite right now.

But he likes them all. He goes from one to the next. But he's getting the oral stimulation he needs but in a safe way!
That makes for a happy mom!

Here's an article on SPD for more information.

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