Friday, June 3, 2011

Preschool Lesson Plans- Art as a lesson in determination

I read a post about art in the classroom, and how the teacher handled the difficulty of the lesson.
Before I go further, read This.

This spoke to me because we all try to "dumb down" to kids. Make the curriculum fit them, instead of allowing them to master the curriculum. How will they learn how to work through difficult situations if they aren't challenged to do so?
Something that comes to mind is my 10 year old nephew. You guys should be jelous. My lil man (who's not so little anymore), is sweet, loving, hardworking, and smart!
He trys so hard, but things are difficult for him. He has some learning issues, but we all learn differently.
Well anyway, he has been passed up even if he hasnt mastered the material. When asked this year why they didn't fail him, they said it had to do with "No child left behind".
But if he is being expected to do the work in the next grade, without mastering the foundation skills needed, isn't that what's happening? He's getting left behind?

My point is this- if we don't challenge our kids to figure things out in our preschool classrooms, we are doing them a great disservice. Just as passing someone without merit will not be doing him any favors.
We have to teach independent thinking, problem solving, and self reliance to form the leaders of tomorrow.
Why would we expect less?

Wonderful sweet intelligent nephew- he's totally rockin'!

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