Friday, April 17, 2009

Preschool Lesson Plans:Cheap Teaching Supplies

With the way things are with the economy right now, you probably aren't getting a lot of supply money from you center. But you still need stuff to work with in your classroom. So what's a smart teacher to do?

The Dollar Tree!

The Dollar Tree is awesome for teachers- storage, art supplies, cleaning supplies, snacks, gifts for mothers/fathers day, craft sets, everything.

Yesterday I went to the Dollar Tree and got 3 bins, 2 baskets, calendar numbers, calendar months, preschool alphabet workbook, a kids ice pack(not shown) and two card games.

If you have ever went to a teachers supply store you know the calendar stuff is expensive!!! I spent $11 plus tax for it all!!!

And a great thing is you can buy in bulk online! Great for centers!

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