Thursday, April 23, 2009

Preschool Lesson Plans: Recycling Ideas for the Classroom

I am sorry I haven't posted but my mom kidnapped my Monkey Girl for a bit so I have no one to teach. This post I really meant for yesterday, but my husband was using my laptop.

Today I want to show you how you can use everyday trash to help with projects, and organize your classroom.

This might just look like a meat tray, a muffin package, egg carton but the possibilities are endless.
Meat tray- you could use it for painting activities, craft activities like making a picture frame, or cutting out Christmas ornaments to decorate. Another thing is collages. This book is one of my favorite teacher resource books. In it the author talks about doing meat tray collages.
Just make sure they are washed well.

Egg cartons- Art projects. Example- Egg carton flowers, caterpillars, butterflies. Paint cups- use one segment for each color. Cut them in half and you get two uses out of one carton. Turn it upside down and then poke holes in the segments and you have a scissor holder that holds 12 pairs. Of course you can use it for holding small collage materials too.

Muffin Packages are great for holding collage materials or paint cups. They re close so they can store away on a shelf or in a cabinet.

So rethink throwing things away. Think about how you can turn them into great Preschool Lesson Plans.

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