Saturday, January 19, 2008

Your Classroom May Be Effecting your Preschool Lesson Plans

Is your classroom in chaos?? Are your students not behaving? Are you not getting finished with your preschool lesson plans? It may just be your classroom layout is to blame. Here are some things to think about when arranging the layout of your classroom.

  • Is there too much "stuff"? If so, this may be distracting the children. When children have too many choices they become overstimulated and the classroom becomes uncontrolled.
  • Is there too little "stuff"? If there isn't enough to occupy them they will become bored and misbehave. Also, have duplicates of favorites so there aren't as many fights.
  • Are there large spaces in the room for running? If so, rethink your layout. you can even draw it out on paper to find the best layout.
  • Are your "loud" centers too close to your "quiet" centers? You need to group "loud" centers (blocks, home living) together. And group quiet centers (reading, science, writing) together. This is so the loud center activity doesn't disturb the quiet ones.
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