Monday, April 13, 2009

Earth Day Preschool Lesson Plans

It is April, so our focus moves to Earth Day, the environment, recycling and the like. Earth Day is April 22ND so that gives us about a week and a half to cover this topic in our lesson plans.

Green living has become such a big part of our lives that we can not skip over this very important topic. The very children we have in the classrooms now are the future caretakers of this Earth so we must teach them well.
What we did today was paint an earth on a paper plate with blue and green paint. Before we did this we looked at pictures of the Earth from space on the Internet. We talked about how the earth is where we all live and how we should take care of it.

We are raising plants from seeds in a small terrarium kit we got at Lowe's. I believe these will be zinnia's. We talked about how the earth sustains us, and in order to keep reaping those benefits, we need to protect the soil, plants, animals, etc.
We also played a game with some foam letters(you can get these from walmart in the baby section). We did a version of eye spy where we looked for items that started with that letter. D- dog, H- house......She had fun and it reinforced the alphabet.

We are also doing Hooked on Phonics. It is going well, but due to the fact it is mostly workbook stuff and some on the computer, she gets tired of the redundancy. So we take a day off here and there. That's working for us.

Here is a PDF of my lesson plan for the week-Earth Day


CraftyMum said...

Like the I Spy idea with the foam letters.

CraftyMum said...

I like the I Spy idea with the foam letters.

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