Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Preschool Lesson plans at home

Last year I tried to do a co-op preschool with friends that didn't work out. But now I am going to try to do it with my daughter at home.
Right now we are talking about bugs because she is fascinated, and along with that the letter B.

We do calendar time, weather,, and now we do a form of circle time (My daughter initiated it). Yesterday we had 2 stuffed monkeys, and 3 baby dolls in circle with us. She really is enjoying it!

I thought I would post a few ideas about creating a classroom in the home and adapting preschool lesson plans for home.

  1. Find a corner in the kitchen, playroom Etc. to create a place to color, write, glue, paint, and of course learn!
  2. Don't spend a lot! I bought all my stuff for the "School" at the Dollar Tree. They have a lot of teaching materials for, of course, $1.
  3. Don't think it has to be an all day thing. It only has to be a hour or two. Then you can get back to the laundry!
Here are some pictures of how I did it-

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Suzanne said...

Hi Ms Kimberly
Wow I loved your blog. Your are awesome. You have the best idea