Thursday, January 10, 2008

Time for Preschool Lesson Plans in Your Day?

YEAH RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!

If your center is like most, your planning time is during nap time minus your lunch break. That's if your lucky. Unless you have been doing this for years, preschool lesson planning isn't that easy. And even if you have been teaching 10 years, isn't that "All about me" theme boring by now? It isn't our job to give an average start to our classes, but to help them be exceptional. To do that, we have to be exceptional ourselves. But how? When you have to squeeze your lesson planning in between your lunch break and cleaning up the cots!!! I don't have an easy answer to this, I am afraid.

I wish I could. I think lesson planning is important and worth a couple hours out of your week.But with small budgets and high turnover rates how do you find the time? I think the answer is the directors and assistant directors. I know they are busy with payments , staffing and keeping costs down, but why don't they come around and give each teaching team time to plan their next week's activities? It would help them remember the struggles their staff goes through in the class room every day. They may even see what you are talking about with that unruly kid!

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