Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Preschool Parents

In teaching preschool, the children are easy. The parents are harder. Children are open, they come in the classroom everyday ready to sock up what ever you teach.... But parents are more closed off and set in their ways. They read an article last year about infant potty training or how your child should be reading by three. Of course we know these ideas are absurd and not developmentally appropriate. But if we say that we will 1)Probably lose a child from the program, and in doing so, lose income for the center. And 2) Probably get fired. The customer is always right.

So what can we do??? We we can teach with a gentle whisper. We can post and/or send home articles, lists of books, and developmental checklists that can redirect parents in a more appropriate direction.

It is so important for parents, just as much as teachers, to have a good understanding of child development and developmental milestones. These are some developmental milestone parent education sheets you can download and print.

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