Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Preschool LessonPlans: Teachable Moments

There is one teaching method that isn't on that preschool lesson plan form that is probably the most important. Teachable moments. A teachable moment is a moment in your day, where if you take advantage of it, can bring home the concept you are teaching.

You can think of a spilled glass of water as a mess to clean up, or a science lesson. As you and the kids clean up, you can discuss water and it's properties. They will ask questions. You can discuss that the sponge fills up with water, and you have to squeeze it out. You can study the pores of the sponge. You can discuss that natural sea sponges live in the ocean. It can go on forever. But these times are precious resource to teachers. Because in some way the kids are signaling to you that they have their ears open and they are ready to learn.

So be aware of these moments, and take advantage of them. Those are the moments in your day that you will be the most productive.

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