Saturday, January 26, 2008

Preschool Lesson Plans: Going Green

There is a lot of talk now about "going green". And if you have read my earlier post then you know I think teachers have been doing this for a long time. But why don't we really practice what whe preach. I have a few ideas about how we can "go green" in our classrooms. Here are just a few.
  • Don't use paper paint cups. Use yogurt containers with lids. That way when you are finished with the paint for the day, you don't have to waste it.
  • Use old wallpaper books for painting. Not only does it add to your project, it puts use to something that was going in the landfill anyway. Ask wallpaper stores for them. I have gotten the old ones for free, and I have had to pay a $1.00 for them.
  • Make your own play dough. If you have read the ingredients of store bought play dough, you have seen things you can't pronounce. (And it is gross,but sometimes the kids eat this stuff.) It is easy to make and you know flour is not going to hurt the environment.
  • Have a organic garden in the spring time. The kids will have a blast, and you can teach ecology at the same time.
  • This last one seems obvious but it is big. Stop using paper towels or at least cut down. Buy a pack of 20 cloth hand towels, and wash them when they are dirty.
Walking softly on the earth is something we should all do.


Anonymous said...

fyi:most state regulations for Early Childhood Education prohibit the use of cloth towels as opposed to paper simply for the fact that the "germs" can be disposed of--it's cleaner.

Kimberley said...

While in some states that may be true, but I have never come across that in my state. I have worked in many centers who use this method. It is a simple cash issue also. Paper towels are expensive.

And also, I was intending on you using each towel once and then putting it in the wash. And I was talking about cleaning messes, not hands. You should use paper for that.