Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Internet in the Classroom

I have only worked in place that had internet access in the classrooms for kids. It was nice. We could work on all the different domains playing games on Nick Jr, Noggin, Disney channel and PBS Kids. I really like Nick Jr and Sesame Workshop right now. (My 2 year-old daughter likes Blues Clues, and Sesame Street right now.)

We know the children in our classes are already obsessed about these characters. The last time I went to Walmart I swear I saw a can of corn with Dora on it. So why can't we, as teachers, use that as a tool?

As an ending note let me say I am not endorsing T.V. in the classroom as a whole. But when it is about your theme (Ex. A snow episode of Blue's Clues during your snow theme.) is completely appropriate. But please don't sit your class down in front of the T.V. and watch 3 episodes in a row. That, most definitely isn't appropriate! Experts say that preschoolers shouldn't have more than a half an hour of T.V. a day.

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