Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Easing the stress of Preschool Lesson Planning with Technology

Seven years ago, when I began teaching, there weren't many classrooms I came in contact with that had computer access for teachers let alone for the classrooms. But now, we have them every where, in the teacher workroom, in the office, and in the classroom. This world has changed, and technology can really ease the work load coming up with preschool lesson plans adds to the plate.

First of all, you can now use the computer to research and create a lesson plan, a digital camera to document your activities, and classroom computers to teach basic skills. This tools are wonderful at easing stress during your planning hour. Also, they help parents and administrators see whats going on in the classroom.

When I sit down to do a lesson plan the first thing I do is search the Internet and my private database for themes and lesson plan ideas. Before, I would have to search through my file drawers, drag out all my theme books, and spend nap time going from one to the other writing things down. Now I get on the computer, find what I need, fill it in on my planning form, print out and I am done.

When you are truly using DAP practices, there usually isn't a lot of product to show to parents and administrators (because sitting down and doing worksheets are not developmentally appropriate). But if you take pictures as you are doing the activities, and then post them in the classroom or on your class's web page, they see they are really learning important skills. This will help others respect you as a professional (which, as a preschool teacher, you may not get a lot of.
So don't shy away from technology in classroom. See how it can ease your task-filled to-do list and ease that teacher stress away!!

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