Saturday, January 5, 2008

Developing Appropriate Preschool Lesson Plans

Dinosaurs, bugs, and zoo animals. These are the typical preschool lesson plan themes all teachers tend to go back to every single year.

Why is that? It's simple. What are 2-5 year-olds interested in? Dinosaurs, bugs and zoo animals! I keep going back to these themes in my preschool classrooms because these are the themes that will hold the kids attention. And if they are paying attention, they are learning. In the child development classes we learn that we need to offer preschool lesson plan activities that are not only age appropriate, but also developmentally appropriate and individually appropriate. What does that mean?

Well, that means we listen. We listen to what the kids tell us. We watch what they play with and focus in on those things. So would a preschool theme about the beach be developmentally appropriate? Maybe. If you had a class who had all went to the beach on vacation, or you live near a beach the answer would be yes. But if you had children who had never seen a beach, that probably wouldn't be individually appropriate.

But all kids have seen bugs, and most have been mesmerized by them. So a fun preschool lesson plan about bugs could be the answer to a teacher's prayers. They will pay attention to you when you read the books about bugs, they will get excited about looking at ladybugs on the play ground. They will learn and remember all the things they discover about bugs. In doing all these things, they are learning new skills and information. And the best part? They are excited to be learning! Isn't that the goal of a preschool teacher? To inspire children to be learners?

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